World Live Updates COVID-19 cases
  • USA 5,002,045
    Total: 5,002,045
    Active: 2,287,717
    Recovered: 2,552,190
    Death: 162,138
  • Brazil 2,873,304
    Total: 2,873,304
    Active: 754,975
    Recovered: 2,020,637
    Death: 97,692
  • India 1,964,536
    Total: 1,964,536
    Active: 595,501
    Recovered: 1,328,336
    Death: 40,699
  • Russia 871,894
    Total: 871,894
    Active: 180,931
    Recovered: 676,357
    Death: 14,606
  • South Africa 529,877
    South Africa
    Total: 529,877
    Active: 143,313
    Recovered: 377,266
    Death: 9,298
  • Mexico 456,100
    Total: 456,100
    Active: 101,694
    Recovered: 304,708
    Death: 49,698
  • Peru 447,624
    Total: 447,624
    Active: 120,966
    Recovered: 306,430
    Death: 20,228
  • Chile 366,671
    Total: 366,671
    Active: 16,614
    Recovered: 340,168
    Death: 9,889
  • Spain 354,530
    Total: 354,530
    Active: 326,030
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,500
  • UK 308,134
    Total: 308,134
    Active: 261,721
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 46,413



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