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Top tips: How to avoid Covid-19 on your way to work and in the office – The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal sets out the best advice on how to reduce your risks of catching Covid-19 - on your way to work and after you get there and it's time to mingle and meet with co-workers and bosses.

Covid-19 judgement flawed – but govt not out of the Constitutional woods – Pierre de Vos

The High Court judge made some ‘fundamental errors’ which mean that a State appeal will probably succeed, says Constitutional law expert Pierre de Vos.

Leon Louw unpacks Davis judgment which lays into NDZ’s “irrational” lockdown regulations

In this podcast, constitutional lawyer and Free Market Foundation CEO Leon Louw unpacks the judgement which declares new lockdown rules unconstitutional.

Covid-19 pandemic in pictures – updated graphs that matter to South Africans

South Africa's daily growth rate declined from its peak of around 6.5% per day, but then seemed to stabilize at some 5.5% instead of continuing to decline.

Tygerberg Hospital in WC says admissions increase as lockdown eases; but ‘coping’ – George Muntingh

George Muntingh of Tygerberg Hospital says that they have seen an increase in admissions and people arriving for tests since the easing of the lockdown.

An unexpected cancer gift; societal empathy

In this third podcast about his cancer journey, one of our team, Chris Bateman, shares the insights and awakenings his recent diagnosis and treatment.

SA bank’s customers suffer 20% hit on income through pay cuts or less work as virus bites

The average income of customers at First National Bank plummeted by about 20% during SA's lockdown as people took pay cuts or had less work to do.

Julian Roup – Boris: the three little pigs; and sex or death Ep25

In Episode 25 of his new book, author Julian Roup listens to plans on how Covid-19 lockdown in the UK will end.

Stellenbosch start-up wants maggots to fuel your next sports drink – Dr Michael Woods

Insects are being used for animal feed, but a South African start-up plans to become Africa’s first company to produce protein power from insects for human consumption.

SA Rugby announces a profit for 2019 as it braces for a tough time in 2020

SA Rugby reported a post-tax profit of R8.5m at the end of 2019 through prudent management in an environment of major challenges.

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