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Christo Wiese to retire as Shoprite chair next year after nearly 30 years at the helm

Shoprite chairman Christo Wiese will retire from Africa’s biggest grocer by next year’s annual general meeting, putting an end date on a tenure that has spanned almost three decades.

SAA extends flight cancellations till Monday

South Africa Airways extended flight cancellations to four days as a strike over pay and job cuts at the loss-making state carrier got under way.

The R44,000 travel itinerary for one perfect day in Cape Town – The Wall Street Journal

Cape Town offers some exceptional diversions - often at first-world prices, from swoon-worthy hotels to the rolling valleys and vines of the Cape winelands.

‘Not too big to fail’ – Govt draws a line in the sand on SAA

“If some tough decisions need to be made, we’ll make them,” Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan said. South African Airways is “not too big to fail.”

Early signs the DA, back under Helen Zille, could flourish – Donwald Pressly

Politics is not for sissies. Helen Zille is back in our body politic but she has needed a backbone of iron to survive what she went through.

Trusting each other brings benefits

Hugo Mercier has written an article on the effect that trust has on us and has come to the conclusion that “giving people a chance isn’t only the moral thing to do. It’s also the smart thing to do.”

Having left the JSE’s cave, hard to understand why we ever loved it

While hosting last night's webinar with Orbvest, it struck me how much South Africa's investment spectrum has widened.

‘Indefinite’ SAA strike; Mining surprises topside; SA hedge fund landscape changes; Pepkor, Sappi

The upheaval at SAA is likely to be a precursor to labour action at other state-owned enterprises who are trying to trim their bloated wage bills.

WEBINAR: How to earn dividends in dollars by investing into Medical Real Estate in the USA

Accessing foreign markets should be a natural next step for South Africans looking to diversify their investment portfolio and balance risk against reward.

It’s not just Eskom killing economy; why municipalities, citizens are also to blame. MUST READ!

South African municipalities’ inability to provide consistent power is exacerbating supply disruptions by the debt-stricken state electricity utility, hobbling efforts to revive the nation’s economy.

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