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BMW X5 M50d: With great power…

BMW's new X5 M50d boasts one of the most powerful 6 cylinder diesel engines I've ever seen in a production model, some 'interesting' interior trinkets and a R1.5m price tag. Miles Downard investigates.

Look to the midlands for high yielding property and capital growth

Nottingham is one of the fastest growing cities for house price increases in the UK. Luton is also a favourite with investors and here’s why.

Canada’s no-deal Brexit no-deal with the UK is smarter than ours

Canada has seen that UK ministers are promising to cut tariffs on the bulk of their imports to zero in the event of a no-deal Brexit, in a bid to keep costs down for consumers.

Brait shake-up; Repo rate unchanged; Richemont recovery; Trillian million trail; 700 react to Tito’s plan

Christo Wiese is part of a shareholder group that is proposing that Brait raise R3bn in a share sale and dispose of all assets except gym-chain Virgin Active.

Andrew Canter: Prescribed Assets a blunt tool to shield bad Governments

Andrew Canter says the ANC's proposal to re-introduce Prescribed Asset Requirements is only being advanced because the Government is not prepared to apply the correct economic medicine.

EXPLOSIVE evidence! Here’s where Trillian boss Eric Wood hid billions for Guptas

Eric Wood's financial links with the Zuma and Gupta families appear to run much deeper, though, than irregular trading, according to the OCCRP.

Index funds overtake stock-picking funds, now Kings of Wall Street – The Wall Street Journal

The challenge to traditional stock pickers began more than four decades ago with Jack Bogle’s introduction of the first index mutual fund for ordinary investors in 1976.

SLR Diary: RIP common newspaper decency

Note this was not the work of a single journalist or commentator, but rather the view of the newspaper, compiled by at least 3.

Valence Watson: Many unanswered questions surround brother Gavin’s death

In this interview on Rational Radio, Valence Watson shares some unanswered questions raised through the family's investigation into the death of his eldest brother Gavin, founder of the controversial Bosasa.

Brait hostilities as Christo Wiese and friends devise plan to revive fortunes

South African businessman Christo Wiese is part of a shareholder group proposing investment company Brait SE raise R3bn in a share sale and dispose of all assets except gym-chain Virgin Active.

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