World Live Updates COVID-19 cases
  • USA 5,000,443
    Total: 5,000,443
    Active: 2,286,151
    Recovered: 2,552,190
    Death: 162,102
  • Brazil 2,873,304
    Total: 2,873,304
    Active: 754,975
    Recovered: 2,020,637
    Death: 97,692
  • India 1,964,536
    Total: 1,964,536
    Active: 595,501
    Recovered: 1,328,336
    Death: 40,699
  • Russia 871,894
    Total: 871,894
    Active: 180,931
    Recovered: 676,357
    Death: 14,606
  • South Africa 529,877
    South Africa
    Total: 529,877
    Active: 143,313
    Recovered: 377,266
    Death: 9,298
  • Mexico 456,100
    Total: 456,100
    Active: 101,694
    Recovered: 304,708
    Death: 49,698
  • Peru 447,624
    Total: 447,624
    Active: 120,966
    Recovered: 306,430
    Death: 20,228
  • Chile 366,671
    Total: 366,671
    Active: 16,614
    Recovered: 340,168
    Death: 9,889
  • Spain 354,530
    Total: 354,530
    Active: 326,030
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,500
  • UK 308,134
    Total: 308,134
    Active: 261,721
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 46,413

FIN 24 – Money

FIN 24 – Money

News – Personal finance management tools and advice to help you manage your budget.

FIN 24, South Africa’s premier site for up-to-date business and finance news, stock market data, economic analysis, personal finance and investment information.

’s breaking news wire service brings you the latest South African, African and international news reports and press updates from newsrooms across the country. | Property buyers can make use of favourable lending environment for bond applications

BetterBond's volume of bond applications was up about 50% year-on-year in July as a direct result of the current favourable lending environment, says its CEO. | MONEY CLINIC | How do I buy a car when my credit score is low?

A reader seeks the advice of an expert on how to buy a car with a low credit score. A credit expert presents the reader with two options. | Foreign buyers still picking up SA property bargains - see who is buying and where

For international buyers, competitive pricing due to the current exchange rates makes property acquisitions in SA very appealing. | The upside of art investment during a pandemic

Art collectors have seemingly made an effortless transition to the digital "new normal" brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. | Bitcoin surpasses $12 000 then tumbles in wild weekend

Bitcoin reminded investors of both its promise and peril in trading this weekend. | MONEY CLINIC | I couldn't move into a property during lockdown, but paid rent. Can I get it back?

Property lawyer Liad Hadar advises a reader on the steps to take to resolve the matter. | MONEY CLINIC | How can I up my credit score?

National Debt Advisors CEO Sebastien Alexanderson discusses the importance of a good credit score and how to increase it. | People are turning to retirement savings to cope with lockdown, but most don't have enough

Members of South African retirement funds did not have enough retirement savings to fall back on when Covid-19 wrecked their households' finances. | MONEY CLINIC | I have R70k in retirement savings. How can I diversify my investments?

A young Fin24 reader looks to an expert in order to beef up his investments, in the hopes of one day retiring comfortably. | MONEY CLINIC | I paid off R600 000 in debt. How do I get my debt clearance certificate?

I opted for debt review when I got divorced. I have since paid off R600 000 in debt. What now? | EXPLAINER | How liquidation works

The coronavirus lockdown has devastated the business sector and many businesses, big and small, have to make some tough decisions about their ability to continue or not. | MONEY CLINIC | My wife and I are in financial distress. How should we invest our R1.5m?

A Fin24 reader and his wife facing unemployment are looking to invest in a five-year deposit investment in the hopes of living off the interest accumulated. | MONEY CLINIC | I have R10 000 to invest. What are the best options during Covid-19?

Looking to invest during Covid-19? Investment advisor Asavela Gwele breaks down the available options. | MONEY CLINIC | I can't afford a new rates & levy certificate. Is there any leniency?

Duane Marais Attorneys advises a Fin24 reader on the law pertaining to the requirements and extension periods relating to obtaining clearance certificates from municipalities. | OPINION | Vehicle finance: Are balloon payments still relevant?

How are balloon payments still relevant in an environment where consumers are more financially stretched due to the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic? | Surviving a recession: Pay off debt and don’t dip into your retirement savings

FNB projects that the economy would contract as much as 8% during 2020, and this will result in as many as 800 000 job losses. | MONEY CLINIC: I'm still under debt review, despite paying my creditors. What can I do?

A Fin24 reader in desperate need of vehicle and home finance struggling to access credit, seeks the help of an expert as he is still flagged as being under debt review. | MONEY CLINIC: I will have access to R2m soon. How can I cut my monthly expenses?

A retired Fin24 reader has been living off investments for seven years. As the capital is shrinking, he asks how to cut expenses before he gets access to a R2m fixed deposit. | MONEY CLINIC: Can I be charged double interest on a home loan plus R50 000 in legal fees?

A Fin24 reader questions the legality of being charged double interest on outstanding bond debt, as well as R50 000 in legal fees. Legal expert Andrew Goldschmidt responds. | Coronavirus | 1 in 5 residential tenants cannot pay rent, survey shows

A survey among 80 000 residential tenants in South Africa found that, due to the impact of the coronavirus lockdown many can only pay part of their rental, many none at all.

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