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’s breaking news wire service brings you the latest South African, African and international news reports and press updates from newsrooms across the country. | MONEY CLINIC: Can I be charged double interest on a home loan plus R50 000 in legal fees?

A reader questions the legality of being charged double interest on outstanding bond debt, as well as R50 000 in legal fees. Legal expert Andrew Goldschmidt responds. | MONEY CLINIC: The 'no work, no pay' principle applies to me. How do I deal with my debt?

Debt expert Mark Bishop answers the question of how to handle your debt repayments when the 'no work, no pay' principle applies to you during the national lockdown. | MONEY CLINIC: My investment value is dropping. Should I withdraw or otherwise change it?

Investment consultant Marlon Walters discusses the risk of selling or changing investments in response to a sudden downturn. | MONEY CLINIC: I have invested R1m to be paid out monthly, I have not received any during Covid-19. What can I do?

A widow in desperate need of the money she invested seeks the help of an expert on her options of what to do next. | Coronavirus | 1 in 5 residential tenants cannot pay rent, survey shows

A survey among 80 000 residential tenants in South Africa found that, due to the impact of the coronavirus lockdown many can only pay part of their rental, many none at all. | MONEY CLINIC: Is it legal for our landlord to charge us a R500 late penalty fee during Covid-19?

Property law expert Liad Hadar answers a reader's question on the legality of his rental agent charging a late penalty fee during the Covid-19 pandemic. | Lower confidence in SA property, but still a buyers' market

Confidence in the SA property market fell in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the fourth quarter of 2019, shows the latest Absa Homeowner Sentiment Index. | MONEY CLINIC: My wife and I are under debt review. Our salaries have been cut - what can we do?

Under debt review and unable to make scheduled payments? Debt expert Benay Sager tackles the question of repaying debt during the coronavirus pandemic. | MONEY CLINIC: As a private individual, can I request a rental payment holiday?

A Fin24 reader whose son is a student at Stellenbosch University and stays at a private residence near the campus wants to know what his options are in requesting a rental payment holiday. | MONEY CLINIC: Is it worth investing in a living annuity during the time of Covid-19?

A Fin24 reader heading into retirement seeks the opinion of an expert on investing during the uncertainty of Covid-19. | MONEY CLINIC: My pension is in an aggressive portfolio. Is it too late to opt for a lower risk?

Investment consultant, Andre Tuck, tackles the question of investment strategy. | MONEY CLINIC: I can save R36 000 a month. What's the best investment strategy?

A South African working abroad, able to save R36 000 per month, hopeful that he will continue these earnings, seeks the best investment strategy. Investment expert Elian Wiener responds. | MONEY CLINIC: My property registration was sent off just before the lockdown. Do I still have to pay rent?

A Fin24 reader who bought a property in December 2019 sent his registration papers off just before the lockdown was announced, which was unfortunately too late. A property law expert responds. | MONEY CLINIC: I'm under debt review. How will lockdown affect my repayment order?

A Fin24 reader currently under debt wants to know how lockdown will affect his monthly debt repayment order. | MONEY CLINIC: I won't earn any income until the end of June - how will I pay my debt?

Due to markets and festivals closing until the end of June, a Fin24 reader will have no source of income and wants to know if there will be a payment holiday period. A debt expert responds. | MONEY CLINIC: How can I improve my financial position while paying off R188k in debt?

A Fin24 reader under debt consolidation is left with less than R3 000 per month, finding it impossible to make ends meet. A finance expert responds. | What you can claim if you get the coronavirus at work

If you contracted the coronavirus at work, you may be able to claim for temporary or permanent disability, depending on how you were affected - but you will have to prove that you did, in fact, become ill at work. | Boon for property buyers as 'coronavirus urgency' strikes

While its "business unusual" in the SA residential property market, it is also the best buyer's market in a decade, says the chair of the Seeff Property Group. | Coronavirus and investment: Keep your eye on the long-term prize

The "scare" reaction in the markets due to the coronavirus pandemic, has removed "froth" and returned risk markets to much fairer valuations, says an investment expert. | Key medical schemes still dominating sector, survey finds

There has been a distinct trend of consolidation among private medical schemes in South Africa, according to an actuarial specialist at Alexander Forbes.

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