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FIN 24, South Africa’s premier site for up-to-date business and finance news, stock market data, economic analysis, personal finance and investment information.

’s breaking news wire service brings you the latest South African, African and international news reports and press updates from newsrooms across the country. | Think in reverse about your retirement savings

There is a major gap between expectation and reality when it comes to saving for retirement. | 3 simple tips to turn spending into saving

Everybody deserves to spoil themselves every now and then, otherwise life would become very dull and boring, says Yanga Nozibele, investment associate at Cannon Asset Managers. | Choose the right bank account to grow your savings

An estimated 16 million South Africans have cash in bank savings accounts, but a staggering 40% of people have placed this money in low interest-bearing savings accounts. | 5 excuses millennials make not to save long-term

When it comes to long-term investing towards retirement, millennials are not doing so great, says Noluyolo Betela, client relationship manager at Allan Gray. | How moving to a cheaper neighbourhood helped me pay off my debt in 2 years - investment expert

Most consumers are not only failing to save any money at all, but are continuing to live beyond their means and falling into debt, explains an investment associate at Cannon Asset Managers. | Know your electricity costs and save money

Understanding how electricity tariffs work is the first step towards taking charge of your spending, says Citiq Prepaid managing director Michael Franze. | Rental arrears: is it worth trying to collect?

Times are tough and it is all too common for tenants to default on their rental payments, says attorney Simon Dippenaar. | Here are the 5 most searched suburbs in SA, according to Remax

Gauteng dominated the Top-5 searched suburbs nationally during the second quarter of 2019, according to an estate agency report. | How SARS can 'pierce' the corporate veil to catch tax avoiders

A relatively unknown piece of legislation could be used by SARS to catch shareholders hiding behind a company to avoid paying taxes, says a new study by Stellenbosch University. | Online divorce: Beware of the pitfalls

Opting for a so-called 'online or DIY divorce' may look cheap, but could cost you dearly in the long run, cautions attorney Simon Dippenaar. | SA's top-10 bankable artists

South African fine art prices have risen by about 33% over the past 10 years in US dollar terms, according to the latest South Africa Wealth Report. | SARS says it's working to fix eFiling bug

The South African Revenue Service has said in a statement it is aware of an eFiling problem causing problems for some taxpayers. | Why South Africans are selling residential property

The percentage of residential properties being sold in SA because the owners are downscaling due to financial pressure, has increased, says FNB. | Property market picks up after election, but not enough

Activity in the residential property market has picked up after the elections, although not enough to counteract the decline in the months before, according to the FNB Property Barometer. | What you need to know about tax and your travel allowance

A travel allowance is granted to employees who travel for business purposes and it is granted to finance a portion of an employee's transport costs. | 10 tax trends SARS is clamping down on

SARS is cracking down on non-compliant taxpayers - with these 10 areas in the spotlight. | As tax season kicks off, here's what you need to know

The SA Revenue Service has introduced staggering filing of tax returns for 2019 in order to encourage more online submissions. | Luxury property prices softening, offering opportunities for savvy buyers - agencies

Luxury home prices are static or declining in many of SA's most sought-after suburbs and sellers are much more willing to negotiate, according to estate agencies. | Higher risk of cyber attacks for wealth managers, says global wealth report

Cybersecurity continues to challenge wealth managers, according to a global wealth report released by Boston Consulting Group. | Court slams bank for taking credit agreement debt from accounts without permission

The SA Human Rights Commission welcomes the judgment handed in a case between the National Credit Regulator and Standard Bank.

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