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News24’s breaking news wire service brings you the latest South African, African and international news reports and press updates from newsrooms across the country. | SpaceX launches satellites for space-based broadband network

Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp. launched 60 Starlink satellites late Thursday, a key step in Musk’s vision of creating a space-based network to provide broadband service around the world. | MTN faces new Nigeria headache as local unit probed over listing

MTN’s Nigeria listing is being investigated by local authorities, the latest in a series of disputes in the wireless carrier’s largest market. | The Tesla stock bubble has burst, sparking existential questions

For Elon Musk and Tesla, the blows from Wall Street came one after another this week - a relentless barrage that left the stock so beat up that some now wonder if it can ever regain its status as the ultimate 21st century disrupter. | Microsoft pulls Huawei products from one of its cloud server catalogues

Microsoft has removed Huawei from one of its websites offering cloud gear, a week after the US government blacklisted the Chinese company. | Alibaba beats analyst estimates as recommendations boost sales

Revenue at China’s biggest e-commerce company rose 51% to 93.5bn yuan ($13.6bn) in the three months ended in March, the company said. | Robots edge closer to unloading trucks in Amazon-era milestone

As FedEx and United Parcel Service beef up automation to keep pace with surging e-commerce and a potential threat from, they’ve been stumped at a crucial stage: loading and unloading trucks. | Facebook says first-person Christchurch video foiled AI system

Facebook said it struggled to identify the video of the New Zealand mosque shootings because of the use of a head-mounted camera by the gunman, which made it harder for its systems to automatically detect the nature of the video. | Samsung delays launch of Galaxy Fold after screen failures

Samsung says it will postpone the retail launch of the Galaxy Fold, without giving a new debut date. Several publications reported a bevy of problems with test versions of the $1,980 device after only days of use. | Google offers Europeans choice to download rival web browser

Google began prompting Android users in Europe with the choice of downloading an alternative to its own Chrome web browser and search engine, in a bid to fend off antitrust scrutiny by European competition regulators. | WATCH: Netflix drops strong earnings report, addresses new competition

Netflix earned $4.52 billion in revenue and gained an additional 9.6 million paid subscribers in the first quarter of 2019, beating expectations, the company said in a note to shareholders. | Facebook poised to fight disclosure of US privacy assessments

Facebook will seek to block disclosures from years’ worth of privacy reports it submitted to the US Federal Trade Commission, according to filings in a lawsuit seeking the release of information in the documents. | Samsung's foldable screens fail in some early review models

Some test models of Samsung's new foldable phone suffered defects after only days of use, casting a shadow over next week’s introduction of a $1,980 device meant to rejuvenate a flagging market and showcase the Asian company’s technology expertise. | AYO says staff that testify at PIC inquiry won't face repercussions

AYO Technology Solutions says it is "utterly dismayed" by the implication that its employee Naahied Gamieldien may face internal company repercussions for testifying at the commission of inquiry into the Public Investment Corporation. | YouTube flags Notre Dame cathedral fire as 9/11 conspiracy

YouTube’s software mistakenly labeled the plumes of smoke in Paris as footage from 2001, triggering the panel below the video about the September 11 terrorist attacks. | SABC COO's fate expected to be one of board's first decisions

South African Broadcasting Corporation spokesperson Vuyo Mthembu told Fin24 that it is expected that chief operating officer Chris Maroleng’s fate will be one of the first things that the board will have to decide. | Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp down: Users flood Twitter with hilarious reactions

Popular social media networks Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp was down worldwide on Sunday afternoon. Here are some of the best reactions. | It was Y2K revisited as Saturday's GPS reset risks proved minor

It was the Y2K bug’s little brother, with about the same impact: the world as we know it didn’t end. | Bitcoin most overbought since record run, technical gauge says

Here’s something for recently emboldened crypto enthusiasts to mull: Bitcoin is now at its most expensive level since just before the spectacular crash of the most widely owned digital currency. | Researchers find Facebook 'hosted' cybercriminal groups selling stolen info

Facebook has housed dozens of cybercriminal groups that set up shop on the platform as online marketplaces to sell a variety of illegal services, such as stolen credit card information, account theft and spamming tools, a team of researchers found. | Google scraps new AI ethics council after outcry

Google is scrapping an outside council set up to evaluate its artificial intelligence efforts after a dramatic outcry about the makeup of the panel.

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