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– South Africa’s Biggest Food & Community – Food and – Wine – Reviews and Food Blogs | PARTNER CONTENT: Winter carrot soup

A smooth and tasty carrot soup | WATCH: How to make baked Amarula pudding

Lap up the praise by making this sweet and boozy dessert for your crew this weekend. | Zola Nene's butter chicken and prawn curry

Butter chicken, great! Prawn curry, great! Match made in heaven. | 3-minute microwave Peppermint Crisp pudding

Minty, sweet and bubbling over with decadence. | Mini Milo trifles

Layer after layer the Milo dessert strikes an eye or two. | Thai green curry chicken soup

A fragrant Asian curry soup made with a homemade curry paste | Zola Nene's spicy Chorizo and bean soup

Chorizo don't mind if we do, try the spicy nutritious soup recipe for one of the cold nights ahead. | Thai red curry

Try out Chef Jess van Dyk's Thai red curry recipe from La Colombe, cook like one of the pro's in the comfort of your own home. | WATCH: This giant Easter egg was made with the equivalent of 844 chocolate bars

The beautifully designed chocolate Easter egg is over 2ft tall. | Gluten-free chocolate brownies

Delicious gluten-free treats by Zorah Booley of In the midnight kitchen. | Thai roast chicken with noodles

Use these ordinary ingredients to create a tasty chicken and noodle dish. | Lemon bundt cake

If you want the syrup to soak into the cake, pour it over while the cake is still in the hot baking pan. | Kerala-style roast chicken

To add that saucy flavour – cut the chicken in half, heat up the masala sauce and spoon over the chicken.

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