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24 – South Africa’s Biggest & Community – and – Wine – Reviews and Food Blogs | Pea and basil quinoa fritters with lemony yoghurt dressing

Fresh and beautifully green jewelled quinoa fritters with a lemony twist. | Festive Moscow Mule cocktails

Moscow Mules get all jazzed up for the festive season with refreshing watermelon juice and a splash of pomegranates. Delicious! | Malva pudding rusks

A classic South African dessert turned into the perfect coffee-time treat. | Mynhardt Joubert's festive fruitcake

Cherry and nut jewelled boozy fruitcake - all the good things in life! | Putu pap with wors

Enjoy one of South Africa's most consummed dish and most iconic duo | Stuffed gem squashes

A lovely veggie and carb side dish. | Baked curried cauliflower

Layers of potato, mince and cauliflower baked to perfection. | Creamy chicken with lemon and rosemary

Rich and creamy, ready-in-an-hour chicken thighs can be served with cauliflower rice or roasted veggies. | Spiced apple cheesecake with salted caramel sauce

The sweet rebellion knows how to give us the best dessert combinations and once again we are delighted to try this recipe. | Crumbed chicken strips

Serve with veggies, potato chips or a side salad. | Baked Mexican mince

Beef mince with a Mexican twist. | Quick bread pudding

White breadcrumbs enveloped in a baked condensed milk custard. | Cauliflower with bacon and onion sauce

Delicious creamy cauliflower.

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