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– South Africa’s leading consumer health website, providing world-class information and interactive tools for a healthy lifestyle. | Banishing pandemic worries for a good night's sleep

Too little sleep can lead to depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. | Plasma therapy aids recovery in critically ill Covid-19 patients

Plasma transfusions from recovered patients have been used since at least 1918 during the Spanish Flu pandemic and in 2003 in the SARS pandemic. | Covid-19 rates may be lower than thought for pregnant women

In a study, no pregnant patients who tested negative for Covid-19 developed symptoms or required further testing, and no health care workers in the obstetric units had to stop work. | Covid 'immunity passports': not ready for prime time?

Britain has announced plans to issue 'antibody certificates' to those who test positive for coronavirus antibodies. | Pangolins, bats or what? New coronavirus' path to humans still unclear

American researchers are studying the virus that causes Covid-19, and their research sheds new light on how it was able to make the leap from animals to people. | OPINION | Coronavirus intensifies the need to embrace telemedicine

Dr Anna Mokgokong explains how telemedicine, prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, is changing the face of healthcare in South Africa. | Covid-19: For every day delay in distancing, the length of the outbreak is significantly longer

New research suggests that for every day delayed after emergence of the first Covid-19 case, a period of 2.4 days could be added to the length of the outbreak. | The most common neurological symptoms of Covid-19 – and how 'red flags' can be identified earlier

A new study offers clues to how the new coronavirus impacts the central nervous systems of Covid-19 patients. | What are your chances of having a second IVF baby?

Researchers found that after one success, the chances of having a second IVF baby were more than 50% after six cycles of treatment. | Parents unaware of extent of young kids' smartphone use

A study found that most parents miscalculated their children's time on mobile devices and may also not be aware of the content they access. | Covid-19: Distancing, masks - what a comprehensive review says about their effectiveness

In the first review of all literature available, researchers look at the efficacy of current protective measures against Covid-19. But what is the consensus? | SEE | Brain scan of 25-year-old Covid-19 patient who suffered mild symptoms

Researchers looked at the brain MRI of a 25-year-old patient who presented with mild symptoms - including a loss of smell - a symptom which experts are identifying more often. | Coronavirus morning update: Concern over Eastern Cape, and latest on court bids over cigarettes

The Eastern Cape is showing the "same pattern that drove up the outbreak" in the Western Cape; and the government asks for more time to defend the cigarette ban in court. | Coronavirus in SA: All the confirmed cases

The latest confirmed cases are 37 525. There have been 792 confirmed deaths so far. | Mental health big issue for police officers around the world

In a study, low levels of coworker support, high levels of job stress, and poor coping strategies were all strong risk factors for poor mental health among cops. | Pollen fragments linger after rains, leaving allergy sufferers miserable

Researchers found that pollen fragments can hang in the air for as long as 11 hours after heavy rains, and can get deep into the lungs and worsen spring allergies. | Hugs more calming for baby when given by mom or dad

Researchers found that even though infants cannot speak, they recognise their parents through various parenting methods, including hugging. | More patients turning to medical marijuana for arthritis pain

According to a recent Canadian study, people using cannabis generally had high praise for the products. | Covid-19: Pandemic puts pressure on medicine supply

In a survey of healthcare facilities conducted during the lockdown, The Stop Stock-outs Project (SSP) found that stock-outs were ongoing, particularly for ARVs, TB medicines, contraceptives and childhood vaccines. | Coronavirus morning update: Judge rules lockdown regulations invalid, and latest on testing in CT

Your latest coronavirus news: A judge has declared lockdown Levels 4 and 3 unconstitutional and invalid; and testing in Cape Town - those most at risk to be prioritised.

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