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– South Africa’s leading consumer health website, providing world-class information and interactive tools for a healthy lifestyle. | Mental health in the workplace: A third of South Africans resign from their jobs because of a bad boss

They say employees don’t leave bad jobs, but bad managers. In South Africa the situation is especially dire. | Climate change will hurt kids most, report warns

Scientists are urging that the health impact of climate change be at the top of the agenda at the upcoming UN Climate Conference in Madrid. | In the US, anti-vaxxers are finding ways around 'personal exemption' bans

A number of US states have tightened up their laws on vaccine exemptions, but some parents have found a loophole. | Should weight-loss surgery for kids and teens be more of an option?

Evidence has shown that weight-loss surgery in children is safe and effective when performed in high-quality centres, with the paediatrician and family in a shared decision-making process.. | SA’s alarming diabetes prevalence – we’re in the top 10 countries for growth in diabetes cases in the last few years

The last few years have seen an explosion of diabetes in South Africa. This dangerous trend is linked to a multitude of health issues – and complications can be deadly. | Those plants in your house are not boosting your home's air quality

Researchers have found that plants don't clean indoor air quickly enough to have an effect on the air quality of our home and office environments. | Pensioner’s backyard garden feeds his family

A pensioner in the North West created a vegetable garden 20 years ago. Since then, it has come a long way and now feeds his family. | WATCH: 4 reasons why you're struggling to lose weight

Here's what you may be doing wrong. | Your weekly pollen update: Late tree pollen season surge in Pretoria

While pollen levels stayed relatively low countrywide, Pretoria saw a late tree pollen season surge with an increase in high overall levels. | WATCH: 6 healthy breakfast ideas for diabetics

Start the day on the front foot. | What are ultra-processed foods and how could they fast track you to heart trouble?

A new study found that the greater the consumption of highly processed food, the greater the association with poor heart health outcomes. | No need for alarm over newly identified HIV strain

For the first time in nearly 20 years, researchers have confirmed the existence of a newly identified HIV subtype – with the help of modern technology. | OPINION: World Diabetes Day – ‘Obesity is the main driver of South Africa’s type 2 diabetes epidemic'

In South Africa, diabetes is of particular concern. South Africa has the highest prevalence of overweight or obese citizens in Sub-Saharan Africa. | OPINION: Four easy ways to keep diabetes at bay

Professor Faadiel Essop from the University of Stellenbosch explains how to take the first steps towards protecting your family and yourself against diabetes. | High-tech pacifier might monitor baby's blood sugar

Tests show that a newly developed sugar-sensing dummy can measure changes in babies' saliva sugar levels that corresponded to changes in blood sugar levels. | OPINION: World Diabetes Day - There's no winning without family

Every South African has been affected by diabetes - whether directly or indirectly. For those who have experienced or witnessed the complications of this deadly disease, it can be devastating and disruptive for families and communities, Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize* writes. | WATCH: 6 health benefits of being vegan

Veganism is a type of diet that excludes the consumption of any ingredients derived from animals. | WATCH: These 6 breakfast items have more sugar than a doughnut

Think carefully about your breakfast choices. | Drought in Eastern Cape crippling small-scale farmers

The water-scarce conditions in the Eastern Cape aren't only a threat to farmers, but are also compromising the country's food security. | Why can't I sleep? My mission to understand insomnia

Sleep doesn't always come easily to some, and for some it's severe enough to be classified as insomnia.

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