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– South Africa’s leading consumer health website, providing world-class information and interactive tools for a healthy lifestyle. | Projects use movies to change health behaviour in Africa

Steps is a non-profit organisation that uses film to educate, intervene and advocate for healthcare and social justice issues in impacted communities around Southern Africa. | Water issues raise concern at Limpopo hospital

Water shortages and restrictions are some of the issues that impact the quality of care at Kgapane Hospital in Limpopo. | #NHIPublicHearings: Bloemfontein has its say on the NHI bill

Although a number of people in Bloemfontein support the National Health Insurance Bill, they demand quality healthcare services first. | WATCH: The new coronavirus: how it's transmitted

Watch this videographic showing how the new coronavirus can be transmitted. | Here's what the latest health review reveals about the relationship between South Africa's youth and healthcare

Young people make up about a third of the population, but healthcare services are not designed for their needs. | Deadly Marburg virus pops up in West-Africa for the first time – shouldn't we be taking more notice?

The new coronavirus, recently discovered in China, is dominating the headlines. But at the same time, the deadly Marburg virus was identified in fruit bats in Sierra Leone. Shouldn't the world be just as worried about that? | 9 things you may not know about the highly allergenic weed invading SA

chatted to Professor Jonny Peter on ragweed, the highly allergenic weed that recently invaded parts of the country – and what this means for South Africans. | Exercise before breakfast to burn more fat

Could exercising before having your breakfast help burn fat faster? | Vaping is the darling of Instagram

A study identified Instagram as the most important social media marketing platform for vaping. | Clots in space: How an astronaut's blocked vein brought medical insight

Treating an astronaut who developed a blood clot onboard a space station provided fascinating new insights into how zero-gravity conditions compromise blood flow. | Many parents not following safe-sleep advice for babies

Why are many parents not doing everything they can to make sure their babies can sleep safely? | WATCH: Will a mask really protect you from coronavirus?

Many people are on the hunt for surgical masks, hoping it will shield them from the coronavirus. But will those masks really protect you? | Have a ball with these exercises to strengthen your core

You can target your abdominal muscles by using a stability ball with floor exercises. | First clinical studies find coronavirus closely resembles SARS - but there are also important differences

Similar to the 2003 SARS outbreak in China, most patients who came down with the Wuhan coronavirus were healthy, without any chronic underlying health issues. | 5 of the biggest medical advances of the past decade

Medical technology keeps on evolving to treat and even eradicate some diseases. Here are some of the biggest advancements of the past decade. | Can social media be good for your health?

Analysing millions of health-related tweets, researchers encountered a pervasive online dilemma: misinformation. | In the future, could exercise's benefits come in a pill?

A newly identified protein called Sestrin appears to produce many of the benefits of physical movement and exercise in people who are immobile. | Is a midlife crisis a real thing, or is something deeper going on?

Experts explain why the common term is a total myth. | No radical changes for WC health as new department head is introduced

The Western Cape Department of Health will get a new Head of Department, Dr Keith Cloete by April, but it seems there will be no radical changes to the strategic direction and work of this department. | Could a kid's microbiome alter their behaviour?

It might one day be possible to figure out a way to use microbiome information to predict how a child's behaviour might develop.

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