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– South Africa’s leading consumer health website, providing world-class information and interactive tools for a healthy lifestyle. | Girls have ADHD too, but it’s often ignored – and that’s incredibly dangerous

ADHD is one of the most common childhood disorders, and according to experts, girls are sometimes diagnosed later or not diagnosed at all, which can impact their entire lives. | Too much smartphone time may invite host of health woes

In a study, researchers were surprised by the amount of overall impulsive and unhealthy behaviours associated with problematic smartphone use. | OPINION: Lifesaving cancer medication is now considered ‘essential’ by the WHO, but it comes with a huge price tag

Excessive patenting of medication that inflates prices, blocks generic competition, and ultimately hinders access to medication is being challenged. | Sex seems to be just what the doctor ordered for this debilitating condition - but there's a catch - only men seem to benefit

Sex might improve the health of Parkinson's patients - but only some – it only appears to apply to men, according to a new study. | Financial incentives motivate smokers to quit – and stay smoke-free, study finds

Financial rewards appear to help smokers to not just quit, but remain smoke-free, a new study has found, after researchers analysed trials involving more than 21 000 people. | WATCH: The body bag that saves lives

It's designed to help combat the Democratic Republic of the Congo Ebola outbreak – where bodies need to be sealed and buried as quickly as possible, to stop the spread of infection. | Adopt a diet that's good for your gut

Gut microbes do much better with a plant-based diet because plant-based foods 'feed' the good bacteria in our digestive system. | Why you should dance your way to better health

Studies have found that the heart-health benefits of dance are likely due to its bouts of high-intensity movement and it being a stress-relieving hobby one can do for life. | Lung disease patients are at greater risk for osteoporosis and fractures, study shows

A new study reveals that patients with lung diseases, such as COPD, are at a greater risk of fractures and osteoporosis after the age of 40. | Is autism largely caused by genetics and not environmental factors, like vaccines?

A recent study has found that the majority of risk for autism spectrum disorders is from inherited genes and not environmental factors like vaccines. | Hospitals are also at risk of dangerous germ, which is resistant to disinfectants

A new study has found that the spores of the bacterium clostridium difficile are becoming resistant to disinfectants, which is especially problematic in hospitals. | WHO declares DRC Ebola outbreak a 'global health emergency'

A panel of World Health Organization experts has declared the year-old outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo a global health emergency. | A checklist to determine if you can exercise after the flu

You're doing well with your workout – until the dreaded winter cold or flu strikes. Here's how to ease back into things once you feel better. | 10 tips to keep your immune system in tip top shape while travelling

Traveling soon and scared of bringing back an illness along with your travel souvenirs? Here’s how to ensure your immune system stays strong throughout your stay. | Too much social media a depression risk for teens

New research reveals that increased time spent by teenagers using some forms of digital media in a given year predicts depressive symptoms within that same year. | Why do I crave salt?

Do you add salt to your food before you've even tasted it? Are you always looking for a salty snack? This is why (and why you should curb those cravings). | Long-distance runner? These are the vitamins and minerals your body needs

Regardless if whether you're a novice or a seasoned long-distance runner, your body needs the following vitamins and minerals for optimum performance. | WATCH: This woman absorbed her sibling in the womb and is now her own twin

For one woman who absorbed her twin in the womb, having two sets of DNA naturally programmed to not get along has come at a steep price. | As medical marketing soars, is regulation needed?

The results of a new study raise questions about the influence of advertising over how Americans see their health and make healthcare decisions. | Worries that tough rules on e-cigarettes may push people back to smoking

Without the draws of flavours, and lowering nicotine levels, many people would vape less and smoke more tobacco cigarettes, US researchers claim in a new study.

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