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Moneyweb Holdings is an independent financial media group listed on the JSE. The company’s flagship internet brand is, South Africa’s premier online source of investment information.

Moneyweb is one of the top three financial publications in South Africa.

Moneyweb also publishes the only digital daily newspaper in South Africa: Moneyweb Today. The newspaper was launched in April 2014 and is growing quickly.

SA diesel dearth to lift in weeks

As refining restarts.

SA conducts tests to curb African swine fever outbreak

It's harmless to humans but deadly in pigs.

Federer is the world’s highest-paid athlete: Forbes

Becomes the first tennis player to top the list.

SA unions tell teachers to defy government, stay away from school

Says the education system isn't ready for schools to re-open.

SA has backlog of over 96 000 coronavirus tests

Some global suppliers are reportedly unable to meet demand for lab kits.

eSwatini’s economy forecast to shrink 6.7%

Due to coronavirus.

How will Covid-19 change the way we lead?

Workers will now be able to work anytime, anywhere, use their own devices and manage their own workloads.

Airline success is not just about profitability

It's about delivering on shareholder objectives.

Food aid needed for Africa’s hungry strained by Covid-19 crisis

'Even if we help as many as we can, there’s always more to be done.'

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