World Live Updates COVID-19 cases
  • USA 5,002,080
    Total: 5,002,080
    Active: 2,287,725
    Recovered: 2,552,217
    Death: 162,138
  • Brazil 2,873,304
    Total: 2,873,304
    Active: 754,975
    Recovered: 2,020,637
    Death: 97,692
  • India 1,964,536
    Total: 1,964,536
    Active: 595,501
    Recovered: 1,328,336
    Death: 40,699
  • Russia 871,894
    Total: 871,894
    Active: 180,931
    Recovered: 676,357
    Death: 14,606
  • South Africa 529,877
    South Africa
    Total: 529,877
    Active: 143,313
    Recovered: 377,266
    Death: 9,298
  • Mexico 456,100
    Total: 456,100
    Active: 101,694
    Recovered: 304,708
    Death: 49,698
  • Peru 447,624
    Total: 447,624
    Active: 120,966
    Recovered: 306,430
    Death: 20,228
  • Chile 366,671
    Total: 366,671
    Active: 16,614
    Recovered: 340,168
    Death: 9,889
  • Spain 354,530
    Total: 354,530
    Active: 326,030
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,500
  • UK 308,134
    Total: 308,134
    Active: 261,721
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 46,413



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Newsdeck: Bale did not wish to play for Real against City, says Zidane

MANCHESTER, Aug 6 (Reuters) - Gareth Bale has not travelled to Real Madrid's Champions League last-16 decider with Manchester City on Friday because he did not wish to play in the match, coach Zinedine Zidane has said.

Business Maverick: More Live Sport Please

Blunders with Paul Theron

STREET TALK : Street Talk: Gangsterism During Covid-19 (Video)

People are dying, and not just from Covid-19. In communities like Hanover Park, physical distancing isn’t enough to keep people safe where gangsterism wreaks havoc. Gang violence is getting worse, and the hunger for change is desperate.

Maverick Citizen: Letter to the Editor: If the voice of the people is the voice of God, listen to us, President Mnangagwa

An open letter to the President of Zimbabwe, His Excellency Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, by Daily Maverick reader Takudzwa Caitano.

TRENDING: South Africa’s 24-hour trends report – 5 August 2020

This is a summary of the trending, highest impact, and most active themes and their narratives related to social cohesion and division in South African public-domain social media conversations on 5 August 2020.

SERIOUS CRIMES: ANC MP Mosebenzi Zwane named in Eskom’s R3.8bn looting refund claim but won’t step down

‘We’ll audit first,’ says ANC about the resolution that cadres implicated in corruption and other serious crimes should step down.

South Africa: South African animal rights group asks court to ban live sheep shipments by Kuwaiti firm

CAPE TOWN, Aug 6 (Reuters) - A South African animal rights group is seeking a court order banning a Kuwaiti firm from shipping tens of thousands of sheep across the equator to the Middle East during summer months in conditions it called "extreme cruelty".

LOCKDOWN REFLECTIONS: DAY 133: Finding comfort in unexpected scenarios

South Africa went into a hard lockdown on Friday 27 March in hope of blocking the spread of Covid-19. The lockdown was extended, then the country started slowly opening up. Currently, at Level 3 of lockdown, coronavirus cases have spiked, correlating with South Africans’ dwindling appetite for following regulations. These reflections are part of a weekly series that monitors stay-at-home life in various neighbourhoods.

Newsdeck: Ivory Coast police fire teargas at supporters of former president

ABIDJAN, Aug 6 (Reuters) - Police fired teargas to disperse a protest in the commercial capital, Abidjan, on Thursday against the exclusion of former President Laurent Gbagbo and others from the voter rolls for October's presidential election.

Newsdeck: In Beirut, Macron says Lebanese leaders need to hear “home truths”

BEIRUT/PARIS, Aug 6 (Reuters) - President Emmanuel Macron offered France's support for the Lebanese people on Thursday on a visit to Beirut following a huge warehouse blast, but said crisis-hit Lebanon would "continue to sink" unless its leaders carry out reforms. Macron was the first foreign leader to visit the Lebanese capital since the explosion on Tuesday that killed at least 145 people.

TGIFOOD: Lockdown Recipe of the Day: Curried Mince & Jeera Basmati Rice

Give a standard curried mince a lift and a bit of flare by braising key spices in ghee first and serving it with basmati rice infused with caramelised onion, cumin and coriander.

NEW FRAME: Thandi Ntuli’s deep exploration of exile

The pianist and composer’s latest release, Thandi Ntuli (Live at Jazzwerkstatt), adds new insight into her music: how it’s put together, how it sounds and what it says.

Business Maverick: New global standard launched to address mine tailings dam disasters 

In the wake of the collapse of Vale's iron ore tailings facility at Brumadinho, Brazil, on 25 January 2019 that killed 270 people, the global mining industry scrambled to raise the bar on the standards governing the construction, maintenance and oversight of such structures. The new standards were unveiled in London on Wednesday, 5 August. 

Business Maverick: Bin-Busting Harvest in Canada Seen Adding to Global Wheat Supply

Canadian farmers are poised add to a global glut of wheat with a bin-busting harvest.

Business Maverick: Bezos Sells $3.1 Billion of Amazon Shares After Fortune Surges

The numbers are eye-popping: 1 million Inc. shares offloaded for more than $3.1 billion. And yet for the seller, Jeff Bezos, it barely puts a dent in his stake in the e-commerce giant.

OPINIONISTA: The US’s unholy crusade against China

In July, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered an anti-China speech that was extremist, simplistic and dangerous. If biblical literalists like Pompeo remain in power past November, they could well bring the world to the brink of a war that they expect and perhaps even seek.

AMABHUNGANE: Gambling on secrecy: ‘Sock-puppet militia’ bites off more than it can chew in trying to silence investigations into lottery spend

The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) is a ‘Goliath’, funding ‘worthy causes’ to the tune of about R1.3-billion annually. But when a couple of media ‘Davids’ started investigating just how worthy some of those causes were, a ragtag ‘astroturf army’ sprang up to make common cause with the NLC and its bid to keep beneficiaries secret. It must have seemed like a good idea at the time, but if the plan was to silence questions, then it has backfired badly.

OPINIONISTA: Covid-19 corruption betrays the proud legacy of Rivonia

Revelations that government officials and their families have used this pandemic to loot Covid-19 relief funds have exposed a new level of Orwellian irony. Any notion that authorities are remotely interested in building a society based on the inspiring principles of the Rivonia Trialists has faded.

DAYS OF ZONDO: Judge Makhubele: ‘No prohibition on me taking top Prasa job’

Judge Tintswalo Annah Tannah Makhubele was under the impression, she said, that there was nothing wrong with her becoming chairperson of SA’s rail agency while she was finishing up her duties before becoming a sitting judge.

OP-ED: In the shadow of Hiroshima — 75 years on

Three-quarters of a century has passed since the US dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, ushering in a new age in great power politics, which continues to this day. Humanity should never forget the horrors of that day, nor the complex legacy that nations have grappled with ever since.

ANALYSIS: Herman Mashaba could be the main beneficiary of South Africa’s shifting political landscape

There’s a growing gap opening in our political landscape. The ANC is rapidly losing the SA people’s confidence, and what was left of trust, while the DA seems to have lost some of its grip on the middle ground, leaving an increasing space for new players. The most likely to benefit from this moral and ideological atrophy is Herman Mashaba’s new outfit, even if there are still significant limits to what anyone can realistically achieve in the short to medium term.

Coronavirus Zimbabwe: Harare: Covid-19 epicentre

More than two million citizens in Zimbabwe’s capital city Harare are faced with a serious health hazard after it became the new Covid-19 epicentre in the troubled southern African country. Of the 490 cases recorded countrywide on 1 August, 485 were from the capital.

GOLF: PGA Champs: Can Brooks do the three-peat?

In a world desperate to return to some form of ‘normal’ amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the return of the PGA Championship to August 2020 harks back to a distant time when things were simpler – 2018.

OPINIONISTA: Covid-19 is just the latest in a long line of pandemics to have struck Zimbabwe

Since independence, pandemics in Zimbabwe have manifested in myriad ways. Beyond epidemiological disease and related deaths, the chronic plagues are metaphorically state corruption, a disintegrating economy, police brutality, unwarranted arrests, abductions, poor education, and an appalling healthcare system.

OPINIONISTA: Five burning questions for Herman Mashaba, Lindiwe Mazibuko, Julius Malema and SA’s academic youth

An open letter to Herman Mashaba, Lindiwe Mazibuko and Julius Malema and to the youngsters studying in the faculties of political science, law and economics across South Africa.

OPINIONISTA: Back to the future with Covid-19 as war talk dominates the discourse

Have we forgotten all the lessons we learnt from the HIV-AIDS pandemic? Of how to mobilise a multi-sectoral response and sensitive interventions? Instead, we are confronted by a ‘command centre’ that responds with metaphors of war. This is so wrong, on so many levels.

OPINIONISTA: Open or closed, South African schools need radical social change

If one compares schools to cars, a tiny minority own multiple luxury sedans, 4x4s, or bakkies. A second, small group of households own one or more Toyota Corollas or Volkswagen Polos. A third, larger group of households share access to ‘skedonks’: old, beat-up, stuck-together-so-they-barely-work, unsafe, third-hand cars. Most of our schools are skedonks.

OPINIONISTA: Look to women to future-proof the world

The Covid-19 pandemic, amplified by heightened global awareness around inequality, has thrust a new spotlight on the struggle for gender parity.

Maverick Citizen Op-Ed: Technology holds the key to public’s involvement in Eastern Cape legislature’s virtual meetings

Those affected by decisions have a right to participate in decision-making, and the pandemic demands leadership and direction from elected representatives to facilitate the public’s involvement as well as access to data to facilitate engagement through electronic platforms.

MAVERICK CITIZEN: Visually impaired community faces education crisis and abuse by law enforcement

Blind and visually impaired learners face a constant battle to get access to equal and quality education – especially during the pandemic – while blind and visually impaired women face many issues on a daily basis.

Democracy in Africa: Tanzanian opposition parties agree to work together to unseat President Magufuli

The ACT Wazalendo and Chadema parties remain committed to fielding single opposition candidates in the Tanzania and Zanzibar elections in October.

EUROPEAN FOOTBALL: Uefa Champions League back with some mouthwatering match-ups

After a 149-day break, the Uefa Champions League returns on Friday, starting with the final four fixtures of the last 16.

Editorial: Fellow South Africans, we’re launching a weekly newspaper. In the middle of the pandemic

There haven’t been many friendly public service announcements in the past few months that have been kind to our physical and mental well-being. Or our wallets. We at Daily Maverick are hoping that we’ll buck the trend with this one.

BUSINESS MAVERICK: Treasury attempts to stop the feasting by Covidpreneurs

The Treasury has strengthened its oversight hand by pulling the plug on Covid-19 emergency procurement by national government departments, provinces, and municipalities. The auditor-general’s office will now be required to audit the expenditure of government arms on a daily or weekly basis, rather than examine their financial books every six or 12 months.

MAVERICK CITIZEN: Calm slowly returns to West Coast towns after protests

A meeting between West Coast role players has potentially ended a six-day service delivery protest that led to a nine-year-old boy being shot in the head.

Covid-19 Expert Advice #2: Practical guidance on disinfecting

This is the second of a series of Expert Advisories on how to respond to Covid-19 which will be published from time to time by Maverick Citizen.

CORONAVIRUS: Tears of sadness – and some relief – as Covid-19 sweeps through old age homes

As Covid-19 rips through countries, cities and villages, it's been in homes for the aged that its impact has been most felt. But it’s not just the virus that threatens – loneliness stalks, too.

CORONAVIRUS DAILY DIGEST #116: Mkhize gives reason for ‘cautious optimism’, while government’s plan to restart school feeding scheme disappoints

On Wednesday, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said there is reason for ‘cautious optimism’ as the country’s Covid-19 infection rate seems to be declining. Meanwhile, SECTION27 has expressed disappointment in the particulars of the government’s plan to restart the National School Nutrition Programme.

BUSINESS MAVERICK: Interview: The Sukuma Relief Programme pushes forward

The Sukuma Relief Programme, which was established earlier in 2020 to disburse a R1-billion donation from the Rupert Family and Remgro to assist small businesses during the Covid-19 crunch is almost complete, but involved parties say the measure can extend way beyond the current crisis and possibly become a funding option for future crises.

Bhekisisa Centre for Health Journalism : Covid-19 quarantine could turn into ‘an absolute nightmare’ for children

Home is where the heart is – it’s also important to young children’s sense of identity – but what happens when a state quarantine facility has to become their home away from home?

Maverick Citizen Op-Ed: Covid-19 in Modi’s India: Virulent politics and mass desperation

This is the fifth article in a six-part series that looks at how the Covid-19 pandemic is playing out in the BRICS countries.

CORONAVIRUS & EDUCATION: School infrastructure projects on hold as Covid-19 slashes grants

Almost 2,000 school infrastructure projects across SA will come to a halt as a result of massive cuts in the education infrastructure grant to support Covid-19 relief.

OP-ED: China and Russia in Africa: Development allies or geopolitical opportunists?

As China and Russia compete in what is effectively a new scramble for Africa, African countries should come to the realisation that it is in the continent’s interests to negotiate fairer agreements that do not leave them saddled with more debt or the potential loss of national assets.

Maverick Citizen Op-Ed: Covid-19 exposure notification apps: We have most of the technology – we just need the trust

South Africa should consider joining a growing list of countries using or developing smartphone apps that warn users of possible exposure to Covid-19.

Newsdeck: Gambia imposes curfew as coronavirus cases surge 60% in a week

BANJUL, Aug 5 (Reuters) - Gambia, mainland Africa's smallest country, imposed a three-week curfew on Wednesday after coronavirus cases surged over 60% in the last seven days to nearly 800.

Newsdeck: From omelet to octopus, Selena Gomez gets quarantine busy with TV cooking show

LOS ANGELES, Aug 5 (Reuters) - Singer-actress Selena Gomez has been cooking up a storm during the coronavirus lockdown and is now ready to share her hilarious and sometimes embarrassing efforts with the rest of the world.

Newsdeck: Levandowski gets 18 months in prison for stealing Google files

OAKLAND, Calif., Aug 4 (Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Tuesday sentenced former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski to 18 months in prison for stealing a trade secret from Google related to self-driving cars months before becoming the head of Uber Technologies Inc's rival unit.

Newsdeck: Dazed and wounded, Lebanese emerge from massive blast angry at rulers

BEIRUT, Aug 5 (Reuters) - Walid Assi was cooking at a Beirut pizza joint on Tuesday night when a huge blast wave pushed him down. The ground beneath him shook. He saw a flash of white. The roof caved in.

Business Maverick: Tencent in Talks to Create $10 Billion Streaming Giant

Tencent Holdings Ltd. is driving discussions to merge China’s biggest game-streaming platforms Huya Inc. and DouYu International Holdings Ltd., people familiar with the matter said, in a deal that would allow it to dominate the $3.4 billion arena.

Business Maverick: S&P 500 Climbs to Within 2% of Its Record High: Markets Wrap

The S&P 500 Index headed for a fourth straight advance amid encouraging news on the vaccine front and speculation U.S. lawmakers are making progress on an aid package.

Sponsored Content: Prof. Thuli Madonsela, Dr. Leila Fourie and Richard Poplak among new speakers added to PSG’s Think Big webinar series

Following on the success of the first round of Think Big webinars, PSG is pleased to add several new speakers to the series line-up.

Maverick Life: MUSIC: How to fail a Facebook challenge because you know too much – a lesson in SA musical history

Born in New York, a so-called ‘diplomat brat’, of the few aspects of South African culture that veteran writer Chris du Plessis could ever vividly recall was pennywhistler Spokes Mashiyane’s ‘King Kwela’ album and Miriam Makeba’s debut album in the US.

OPINIONISTA: Human trafficking: The pandemic creates opportunities for those involved in this hidden crime

As many as 40 million people globally are victims of modern-day slavery through human trafficking, according to 2017 estimates. This included 25 million people in forced labour, and another 15 million people trapped in forced marriages.

CAPE METRO REPORT: Arrest rate at 5% for over 2600 incidents captured by CCTV cameras in Cape Town

A total of 2,611 incidents were recorded by CCTV cameras in the City of Cape Town from April to June 2020. Of these, a mere 5% resulted in arrests. This has raised concerns among councillors about the efficacy of cameras in fighting crime.

DRASTIC STEP: STOP THE LOOTING: Holomisa proposes that the executive be dissolved and replaced by a caretaker administration

UDM leader Bantu Holomisa believes the ANC is incapable of curtailing corruption, as members of the ruling party and their connections continue to face allegations of looting during the pandemic. His suggestion: dissolve the national executive and appoint a caretaker administration until the 2024 elections.

OP-ED: Action against the Guptas ‘long overdue’ – but extradition process must speed up

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation has welcomed the action instituted by the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) and Eskom against the Guptas and several former Eskom officials.

GROUNDUP: Still no water in Limpopo villages after five court orders

Villages in Flag Boshielo West, Limpopo, have almost no access to water.

OPINIONISTA: Hiding behind the law to avoid taking action on corruption

Most South Africans are justifiably angry about the continued failure by the state to prosecute individuals implicated in corruption. While it is important that more corrupt politicians be prosecuted, convicted, and appropriately punished (a mandatory 15 years prison sentence is prescribed for corruption), this is not the only manner in which they could be held accountable. Political parties – specifically the ANC – can take action against their members. But they often don’t, hiding instead behind the law to protect their own from the consequences of their corrupt or other incendiary behaviour.

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