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GROUNDUP: Organisations defend Pravin Gordhan

Rally against corruption will take place on Sunday 21 July.

GROUNDUP: EDITORIAL: Popular, maybe necessary, but deploying the army in townships resurrects terrible memories

We hope that it will be a temporary and effective measure; the verdict is out.

GROUNDUP: Cape Flats residents cheer arrival of army

The military were deployed on Mandela Day to help quell Cape Town’s gang crime.

Business Maverick: Women continue to bump their heads against the glass ceiling

Progress on improving gender diversity in senior roles at large firms across the globe has been mediocre at best. At this rate, the business world won’t significantly address the inequality any time soon, if the many research reports are to believed. And when it comes to the most powerful position in a company‚ women remain conspicuously absent.

Newsdeck: Trump disavows ‘send her back’ rally chant, many Republicans alarmed

WASHINGTON, July 18 (Reuters) - President Donald Trump tried to distance himself on Thursday from supporters' chants of "send her back" at a rally where he blasted Somalia-born U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar, as Republicans worry the incendiary mantra could set the tone for the 2020 campaign.

Newsdeck: Suspected arsonist planned Japan’s worst mass killing in 18 years-media

KYOTO, Japan, July 19 (Reuters) - A man suspected of torching an animation studio in western Japan shouted that he had been plagiarised and appeared to have planned the attack, media said on Friday after a blaze that killed 33 people in Japan's worst mass killing in two decades.

Business Maverick: Pain From Hong Kong Protests Spreads as Luxury Names Get Hit

The impact from the Hong Kong protests is spreading to global luxury retailers, with jewelry and cosmetics getting hurt as shoppers and big-spending travelers stay away.

Business Maverick: Friday 19 July: Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day

The U.S. shot down an Iranian drone it said was threatening a warship in the Strait of Hormuz. Asian equities point higher after stocks ricocheted in the U.S. And trade talks between China and the U.S. are slowly crawling forward. Here are some of the things people in markets are talking about today.

Business Maverick: Microsoft shares hit record highs, powered by growing cloud sales

Microsoft Corp on Thursday beat analysts' estimates for fourth-quarter revenue and profit, driven by continued sales increases from its cloud business and sending its shares to all-time highs.

Business Maverick: South Korea, Indonesia Central Banks Cut Rut Rates, Follow Peers

Central banks across key emerging markets finally joined the tide of monetary policy easing Thursday as the world economy slows.

THEATRE REVIEW: Angola Camp 13: Sello Maseko heeds the cry of the spirits who died at Quatro

‘Angola Camp 13’ unearths a history many may not know about. The play, on at the State Theatre in Pretoria, looks at the human rights violations that took place in the ANC’s camps and reminds us of the forgotten heroes.

ZUMA-ITES FACE BACKLASH: State Capture: The fight-back against the fight-back begins

The band’s back together. They fought State Capture and they’ve reunited against those trying to reverse their wins.

STATE SECURITY BUDGET VOTE: SSA: reforms under way to professionalise intelligence, but old habits die hard

Thursday’s State Security Budget vote hinted at a wide range of reforms to undo the politicisation of the intelligence services, including in ANC factional politicking. But no clue was given to how many rands and cents are available.

‘THE EAGLE HAS LANDED’: Fly me to the Moon and let me play among the stars…

Fifty years ago, on 20 July 1969, the Earth’s population waited with bated breath for word that the first men on the Moon had landed there safely – and then again as they departed their lunar orbit to return to Earth. It was a massive technological, scientific, and human feat. But the age of exploration it was supposed to herald for humans has never really materialised. What did it all mean in the end?

WINTER OF DISCONNECT: Powerless residents take to the streets

Tired of constant power outages, residents of several communities across Johannesburg have over the past three weeks taken to the streets in protest. But Eskom’s ageing infrastructure is only part of the problem.

PARLIAMENT: Ramaphosa rams home rule of law and unity to rebuild SA — but not too many are listening

President Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday drove home the inviolability of South Africa’s constitutional order and rule of law — defending his public enterprise minister, but also knocking back politicking over State Capture arrests. But that his reply in the presidency Budget vote debate may not be enough was signalled by events outside the House.

US-SA DIPLOMACY: South African-born handbag entrepreneur Lana Marks: ‘I’m qualified to be the next US ambassador to SA’

After a 30-month vacancy in the US ambassadorship to Pretoria, Donald Trump’s choice finally had her first Senate confirmation hearing this week.

PLAY IT AGAIN, MBONGENI: Mbongeni Ngema removed from ‘Sarafina’ set after more allegations of sexual harassment

Mbongeni Ngema, using the same modus operandi as in a previous incident in Cape Town, allegedly persistently called a young cast member, professing his love and suggesting they keep it secret.

OPINIONISTA: There’s space in bed for everyone

Whether we call today’s travellers ‘millennials’ or ‘wanderlusts’, their preferred ‘sharing’ concept is something we must embrace. The spin-off for our tourism industry can only be positive – we’re living in an ‘experience’ economy. Let’s embrace it.

OPINIONISTA: Beneficiaries of State Capture want to divert Zondo Commission from their sins against our country

What we witnessed this week at the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into State Capture will harm us into the foreseeable future. The testimony of former president Jacob Zuma is a strong indication that the criminal network wants to collapse the ANC, after failing to collapse the country.

OPINIONISTA: Enough talking and dreaming: It’s time for the government to get real

South Africa urgently requires President Cyril Ramaphosa’s sixth administration to do a great deal more to confront the underlying issues which created an ecosystem in which State Capture and corruption flourished.

OPINIONISTA: Ethical leadership means first do no harm, in business and in life

Far too many of us are prepared to speak of a tax revolt. When we do, we merely feed the creation of a lawless society. We need to be the change we wish to see, we cannot expect others to do the right thing when we continue to do wrong.

OPINIONISTA: No news is bad news as media houses flounder in the digital age

News is part of the entertainment industry, and 32% of people polled by Reuters say they actively avoid it. When asked what they would pick if they could only have one online media subscription, 37% of under-45s said online video like Netflix, and only 7% opted for a news subscription.

BUSINESS MAVERICK: SARB cuts repo by 25 basis points while repeating pleas for structural reform

The South African Reserve Bank stuck to the script on Thursday, July 18 when its Monetary Policy Committee cut the key lending, or repo rate, by 25 basis points. The tone of the announcement was on the hawkish side and the bank must be tiring of its plea for wider structural reforms to complement monetary policy in order to get economic growth fired up.

AMABHUNGANE UPDATE: Protests at Malema buddy’s mine turn deadly

A school pupil was shot and killed during a conflict which allegedly erupted between mine security guards and local community members.

BEAUTY: Whole body cryotherapy: What is it and should you try it?

From pain relief and muscle-healing to weight-loss and anti-anxiety, can the chilling treatment really benefit our physical and mental health?

Newsdeck: When Will Boeing 737 Max Fly Again? FAA Has No Timeline

U.S. aviation regulators have no timeline for returning Boeing Co.’s grounded 737 Max to service and won’t act until they are sure it is safe, the nation’s top transportation official said Thursday.

Newsdeck: Trump Says U.S. Warship Downed Iran Drone Near Strait of Hormuz

President Donald Trump said the U.S. “immediately destroyed” an Iranian drone that approached the USS Boxer near the Strait of Hormuz, the latest sign of escalating military tensions around the critical oil chokepoint.

OP-ED: If we want to decolonise education, start by publishing textbooks locally

In her budget vote speech this week, Minister Angie Motshekga detailed her department’s list of priorities. This included the decolonisation of basic education. One of the ways the minister can achieve this is by giving greater opportunities to locally owned publishing firms. Here’s why.

OP-ED: Morocco, the face of modern Africa

It’s the 20th anniversary in July of King Mohammed VI’s accession to the throne in Morocco. Shocked by 9/11 and, especially, the 2003 Casablanca bombings and the Arab Spring, the kingdom has had a good crisis. The king has led a gradual liberalisation of the country, rolling out big infrastructure projects including Africa’s only high-speed rail network and the continent’s largest port complex. Where others have deliberated, Morocco has delivered.

THEATRE REVIEW: The Fishermen: Wide range of acting skills on display in multilayered work

With South Africa being such a magnet for immigrants from across the continent, telling stories from other parts of Africa makes sense for the Market Theatre. It’s a tactic that may attract broader audiences, and show the regulars that we have much more in common than what divides us. As the theatre’s artistic director James Ngcobo puts it, it’s a chance to show the lives of people in countries not too dissimilar to our own, and to show the need to jump over hurdles and move on.

STATE OF THE WESTERN CAPE: Crime, rail and inner-city housing take centre stage at Alan Winde’s first State of the Province Address

Homage to Nelson Mandela, enforcing the DA’s manifesto promises and crime were the key points of Western Cape Premier Alan Winde’s first State of the Province Address on 18 July – the 10th anniversary of Mandela Day.

Sponsored Content: Uber driver launches crowdfunding campaign

As we celebrated Mandela Day on 18 July, South Africans were reminded to always play their role in making society a better place for all. One individual who is playing their part, is Samy, a 30-year-old Cape Town Uber driver-partner, who recently came into the spotlight for starting a crowdfunding campaign for Dr Paulo de Valdoleiros who started the Walk-In Doctor in Bloemfontein.

Sponsored Content: Golf for Charity at The President Hotel’s Cup Golf Championship

Cape Town’s seasons are beautifully defined, each offering plenty to see, do, and explore. As we are in the thick of winter, locals and visitors alike can embrace the crisp air, green scenery, and are blessed with glorious sunny days – creating the perfect recipe for the best time to be in the Mother City.

Business Maverick: Blunders – Episode 148

This week: South Africa's crisis of competence; Shamborghinis from Brazil, Lake Instagram is toxic; and Ebola is back in the DRC.

NEWSDECK: Reality bites queer women in YouTube show

As more people use the internet to showcase diverse stories, Stud Muffinz enters the reality TV show domain to showcase the lives of young queer people in South Africa.

Sport Budget: School sport and sporting recreation to benefit from Mthethwa’s budget

Nathi Mthethwa, Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture announced that R1.154bn of his department’s budget will go to the sports portfolio, with a substantial amount (40% of the department’s grant to provinces) going to the School’s Sports Programme. The minister also stressed the need for more sporting and recreational infrastructure.

Newsdeck: SANDF headscarf case: Muslim members may get interim relief as policy talks continue

A determination is under consideration to allow female Muslim members of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) to wear headscarves under their berets while the dress code policy is revisited, it emerged on Thursday.

Newsdeck: Look at Mandela Day as a way of being, not an event – Graça Machel

Humanitarian Graça Machel is encouraging citizens to be active by seeing Mandela Day as a way of being instead of an event.

OP-ED: Artificial Intelligence: Where are the users?

One argument that is reaching the status of common sense is that Artificial Intelligence is catalysing a new revolution, the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Fearing being left behind as the rest of the world revolutionises, South Africa is scrambling madly to catch up.

Newsdeck: Japan studio arson attack a “blow to animation industry” – commentator

TOKYO, July 18 (Reuters) - A suspected arson attack on a Japanese animation studio in which 30 people are believed to have been killed and scores injured will be a major blow to the nation's famed animation industry, a film commentator said.

GROUNDUP: Relief on the way for Western Cape’s overstressed post-mortem facilities

New R281m Forensic Pathology Facility in Observatory has double capacity of Salt River.

GROUNDUP: Rural Community in KZN wins 20-year battle for school

Case goes to the heart of the fundamental rights of access to basic education guaranteed by the Constitution, says judge.

Newsdeck: Minister Plans to Rebel in Vote to Stop No Deal: Brexit Update

Parliament is gearing up for a knife-edge vote on a measure to prevent the next prime minister suspending Parliament to pursue a no-deal Brexit. As pro-EU ministers weigh up how they will vote, the government’s fiscal watchdog published new forecasts of the economic damage a chaotic exit would bring.

ISS TODAY: Manuel Chang about-turn: Is SA finally putting the law above politics?

Justice Minister Ronald Lamola’s decision to halt Manuel Chang’s extradition raises expectations that the new administration will prioritise justice.

PERSPECTIVE: Travelling with a teenage Johnny Clegg – ‘the voice of the White Zulu Angel’

A rare insight into the teenage Johnny Clegg, on a journey through southern Africa, guitar in hand, on the brink of his extraordinary career.

BY-ELECTIONS: DA deny GOOD by eight votes in George

Moekie Windwaai of the Democratic Alliance kept Ward 20 in George in the Western Cape blue by the narrowest of margins on Wednesday night, when they garnered eight more votes than ex-George Mayor and former ward councillor Mercia Draghoender. Draghoender defected from the DA to join Patricia De Lille’s GOOD in the run-up to the 2019 elections. The African National Congress also had a realistic chance of winning the ward off the Democratic Alliance but faded into a relatively distant third place.

AMABHUNGANE: Malema buddy’s mine leaves community reeling

A mine linked to Adriano Mazzotti, the controversial businessman and associate of Julius Malema, has left a rural Limpopo community reeling from infighting and violent protests. The traditional leadership is accused of hijacking the community trust and striking a deal with the mining company. It’s an all too common case of how permissive mining laws, disputes over customary law and the arrival of mining capital can create a toxic mix.

Newsdeck: U.S. House rejects Saudi weapons sales; Trump to veto

WASHINGTON, July 17 (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives backed resolutions on Wednesday to block the sale of precision-guided munitions to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, sending them to the White House, where President Donald Trump has promised a veto.

Business Maverick: Netflix Stock Plunges as Customers Fall on Price Hike

Netflix Inc. shocked investors by reporting a drop in U.S. customers and much slower growth overseas, raising fears that the streaming giant is losing momentum just as competitors prepare to pounce.

Business Maverick: Thursday, June 18: Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day

Asian stocks are poised for a downer amid mixed U.S. corporate earnings and lingering trade tension. A China investor who’s beaten almost all of his peers is betting big on Kong Kong. And Iran says it could shut the Strait of Hormuz if it wants to. Here are some of the things people in markets are talking about today.

Business Maverick: G7 finance chiefs pour cold water on Facebook’s digital coin plans

Group of Seven finance chiefs cast a cloud over prospects for Facebook's Libra digital coin on Wednesday, insisting tough regulatory problems would have to be worked out first.

Business Maverick: Investors Gorge on African Bonds, But They’re Dodging Its Stocks

African local bonds are on a tear as investors flock to riskier assets. But the continent’s stocks are missing out, despite being much cheaper than their emerging-market peers.

OPINIONISTA: Rehashing allegations as the State Capture fightback cabal tries to do damage control

Why did the Sunday Independent decide to suddenly rehash old and dated allegations? Is it a coincidence that they decided to do so at the same time that my story about Mkhwebane’s lies are published in the Sunday Times? Of course not.

OPINIONISTA: Mandela the lawyer putting white supremacy on trial

Having learnt all I have about the life and times of Mandela I can say with no shame but with all respect that I could not have walked even one mile in his shoes. Most people that denigrate his life today do not truly know him and unfortunately do not even have an ounce of the dignity and bravery that this man had.

OPINIONISTA: Zindzi Mandela’s tweets on land reform bring into sharp focus the ANC’s mixed signals

A well-thought-out and competently executed land reform programme (of which land acquisition and provision is but one element) would expand opportunities and bring real economic benefits for the people of South Africa. But this describes something very different from what the ANC has been proposing.

Hamba Kahle

Maverick Life: The Lion King: Lebo M set to roar back onto global stage

The dynamics of the apartheid era, the merciless violence, oppression and pain made it almost impossible for a black child to imagine life beyond the institutional and political barricades. What to do when the soundtrack of your everyday life is gunshots and harrowing cries? Create your own iconic soundtrack.

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