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Wheels24.co.za | SEE | Here are 10 of the greenest cars in SA

Our oceans and our planet are polluted with plastic and rubbish, killing our environment much faster than we realise. We might not all be able to physically help tidy up, but we can contribute by driving less harmful cars.

Wheels24.co.za | SEE | Volvo's first autonomous XC90 rolls off the production line

Volvo has this week unveiled it XC90 as one of the first autonomous drive-ready cars in the world and previews the type of autonomous base platform that will be available to consumers from early 2020s.

Wheels24.co.za | Date confirmed for 2019 Killarney motor show

The 2019 Killarney motor show at the home of motorsport in the Western Cape will take place on Sunday 27 October.

Wheels24.co.za | WATCH | How Toyota's Olympic buses are fueling its hydrogen dream

Sales of electric cars have undermined fuel cell vehicles, although Japan's government has promoted hydrogen use.

Wheels24.co.za | SA's Mureza Auto Company reveals their plan to bring Iranian vehicles to SA

Mureza Auto Company, an African car brand registered in Zimbabwe and South Africa, will make its debut at Automechanika Johannesburg later this week.

Wheels24.co.za | SEE: What happens when an insurance company 'writes off' a car

Your car is considered a “write off” when, after an accident, your insurer deems the cost of repairs higher than the insured value of your car. Here's what to do if it happens to you.

Wheels24.co.za | WATCH | Go inside the hip youth culture of pimped-out VW Beetles in Ethiopia

When Robel Wolde bought a beat-up 1967 Volkswagen Beetle from a friend for 50 000 Ethiopian birr (about $1700), it marked the start of an extensive restoration he'd plotted for years.

Wheels24.co.za | Drop-top beauties: 2019’s five hottest convertibles

With summer just around the corner, you’re probably thinking about what you’ll be doing and where you’re going.

Wheels24.co.za | WATCH | 46 000 General Motors auto workers strike in US

The United Auto Workers union began a nationwide strike against General Motors on Monday, with some 46,000 members walking off the job after contract talks hit an impasse.

Wheels24.co.za | SEE | Here's why there's no need to panic about AARTO

If there's one word that has been instilling at least some kind of fear in drivers, it's AARTO. And since it has been signed to law, it has caused much dismay. MasterDrive SA explains why there really is no need to panic.

Wheels24.co.za | A new chapter for Porsche, Connecting the Karoo in Ford’s Ranger - Top motoring stories of the week

From exploring the Karoo in Ford's Ranger to Porsche officially opening a production facility for its first all-electric sports car.

Wheels24.co.za | #ICYMI | All the top motoring stories of the day

We look a lessons learned from the bi-annual Frankfurt Auto Show, and debates raging about whether the new Defender is, in fact, worthy of its name.

Wheels24.co.za | BMW, VW, Mercedes: low mileage cars at the Classic Car Auctions

Have you ever wanted to own a classic car? These offerings might just stir the desire even further!

Wheels24.co.za | WATCH | Is the Ioniq the most future-oriented car for Hyundai?

The Ioniq is one of the most future-oriented models in Hyundai's line-up. The compact is available as a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid and as an all-electric vehicle.

Wheels24.co.za | WATCH | Take a look at the vintage VW T1 Doka

The VW Bus was the right car at the right time. In 1948, the mini transporter filled a gap in the market and quickly became a global bestseller.

Wheels24.co.za | #CrimeStats: Some good news as crimes involving motor vehicles decrease

There appears to have been some discernible progress in the policing of crimes involving motor vehicles, according to the latest crime statistics.

Wheels24.co.za | WATCH |1326 Mustangs parade in convoy - Ford sets a new world record

Ford has set a new world record with a parade convoy of 1326 old and new Mustang models from all over Europe.

Wheels24.co.za | History in motion: 109-year-old Ford Model T for sale

If you're an avid classic car collector and have just under R200k to spare, then this Model T Ford might peek your interest.

Wheels24.co.za | SEE | 9 cars Fiat Chrysler and Renault could have built if they teamed up

If Renault and Fiat Chrysler had to merge, here are nine cars they could have created and it would have been super cool!

Wheels24.co.za | Here's just how safe the new Honda Amaze is in SA

The Honda Amaze is gaining popularity each month in SA. We take a look at just how safe the little sedan really is.

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